Lebron vs Jordan

One of the biggest sports debates right now is who is the better basketball player? There are many arguments claiming each one is better than the other, but after watching Jordan play as a young kid, and now watching Lebron play, I have come to the conclusion that Lebron is better than Jordan. Now before all you Lebron haters out there start leaving your negative comments, take in account my opinion based on these facts.

  1. Lebron is an all around versatile player and elite on every position on and off the court. Lebron with his athleticism, skill, natural talent, and basketball IQ, can be placed at any of the 5 starting positions. Jordan on the other hand didn’t have the size or the natural talent to be placed in all five positions, but really could only play the 1-3 position. Many of Lebrons teammates consider him the “on court coach” as he will direct plays, and be verbally active in helping his teammates. You will also see Lebron leading timeouts as a player.
  2. Lebron has had to carry the load of his team on his back. Lebron has been the main superstar on both teams he has played for (Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat). Jordan on the other hand, had superstars at all 5 positions. Take this stat to account: When Lebron played with Cleveland the first time, he took the team to the finals, but came up just short. Lebrons final season with the Cavs in 2010, they won 61 games. When Leberon left for Miami they won a disappointing 19 games. Proving lebron was the reason for that teams success. That year before Lebron joined Miami they had only won 33 games, once Lebron joined Miami that spiked to winning 55 games. When Lebron left Miami  they won half as many games as they did with Lebron. When he joined Cleveland for the second time, he took them from being the worst team in the NBA to winning the championship. As opposed to when Jordan left the bulls where their record virtually was unchanged still winning 55 games and advancing to the second round of the playoffs.
  3. Lebron has been in more NBA finals than Jordan at the age of 31.
  4. Lebron has had more winning seasons than Jordan regardless of who was on his team.
  5. Jordans star cast: Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc, all Hall of famers. (they were all on one team)
  6. Lebrons star cast in Cleveland: Lebron, Irving, Love(debateable)
  7. Lebrons star cast in Miami: Lebron, Wade, Bosch( for 1 season)
  8. Lebron went from High School straight to the NBA. Jordan attended college for 4 years before being drafted

Now you can take these 8 reasons and analyze them as much as you want, but when it comes to who’s the best player the pure fact that Lebron  has proven that he is the reason for a teams success, and him leaving is the reason for a teams fall is what truly sets him apart from Jordan. When you have a player who has such a positive affect on team, that is what truly makes them great and valuable to a team. Now I am a big Jordan fan and I have great respect for him for the records he has personally set, but Lebron has at least 4 years left in his prime and is on track to break Jordans records.


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